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We closely follow WV state requirements

WV Inspections

Let us help you maintain state standards

We follow the strict guidelines set in place by WV state requirements. If you’re in need of repairs to ensure you meet those standards, we can help. We also offer modified vehicle inspections. Below is listed what modified is considered:


-Any vehicle whose suspension has been lowered or raised from OEM specifications

-Any vehicle that has tires two sizes larger or smaller than OEM specifications.

Let your Service advisor

know when scheduling your appointment

  • Wipers and Headlights

  • Brakes and Safety Glass

  • Front End and Steering Components

  • Bumper, Fenders, and Frames

Items to be Inspected:

  • Plate Mounting

  • Frame and Sheet Metal

  • Brake System and Hoses

  • Exhaust and Fuel System

  • Wheels and Tires

  • Horn and Rearview Mirror

Shuttle Service is Available

within a 5 mile radius

From new and used tire sales to affordable auto repairs, we’re here for you. Call us now for directions to our shop.


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Towing - 24 hours

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